Thank You for Booking with us!

Below you will find some useful information to help with your party planning.

Venue rental available starting 10am in the morning for set up and closes at 11pm. You have the next day to take out the things you brought in. We do the rest.

Bar & Beverages

Our Bartender/s will handle set up, serving and breakdown. We supply the ice, the cups and all the accessories/tools. Our cups (with the exception of the champagne flutes) are disposable. Though we do try to minimize environmental impact by labeling and ordering eco friendly product when possible. If you would like glassware, please arrange for that. 

All you need to do is to bring the beverages (and limes perhaps?). Unconsumed beverages will be returned to you!

In addition The Courtyard provides a water station with paper cups. You don’t need to bring bottled water if you don’t want to. 

If you want to offer coffee, just bring coffee. We brew and serve it and have all the supplies (cups, creamer etc) for it. 


Usually there will be two venue Bartenders. The main bartender and the bar back, Both will help with other things where needed including bussing the tables, take out trash and refresh the bathrooms throughout the event. All the little things that will make the guests feel comfortable and make things run smoothly. 

Food Set Up

Inside we have a corner seating bench that turns into a serving bar for food! See photos below.

Please note we DO NOT provide anything regarding food other than the serving bar/tables. You are in charge of food whether that’s working with a caterer or making your own. You can work with any food service you like!

However we have some rules regarding catering/food service:

If you or your caterer want to do any kind of food prep and/or use the stove tops and oven we need to know about it ahead of time! 

If you/your caterer plan on washing many dishes on site we also need know about it ahead of time! 

All food and related items must be packed up that night and taken out of the venue. It can’t be left for clean up the next day. Be sure to have containers and to go boxes for the left over food 🙂

A heads up many caterers do not supply plates and cutlery or to go boxes. So be sure to ask about it and plan accordingly. 

Here are some resources incase you need to order:

These plates and Utensils are made of sugarcane pulp (a waste product) and will biodegrade 100% into the earth. 

Eco Plates & Bowls

Eco Utensils

Palm leaf and bamboo plates are also pretty and earth friendly.


Fire Pits

Bring your own Envirolog type firewood for the two outdoor fireplaces! No regular firewood. Envirolog/Duraflame logs burn at a better pace and keep any pyromaniacs at bay! The goal is to have a modest slow burning fire so not to create any fire hazards in our historic downtown.


We handle the trash.

Tables and Chairs and Linens

Refer to our Tables & Chairs page for more info. You provide the linens. Here is a link for linens on amazon. You set up the tables and chairs to your liking but we break them down for you the next day! 

Indoor Outdoor Speakers

You can connect your playlist device via Bluetooth. By the bar kitchen Area where the stereo is you will see a note taped with instructions. 

Do no take your playlist device outside as you will loose connection. When using a phone remember to set it on “do not disturb” to avoid phone calls and texts coming through the speakers! 

After 9:30pm (Sat 10pm) outdoor music needs to be conversation volume only. 

Poster Box

The little Poster box outside holds an 11″ x 17″ Poster.  We also have two sandwich chalk boards for the front. 


We have a small assortment of vases you are welcome to use.


The only florist in Bisbee is Safeway but Sierra Vista Flowers will do arrangements and deliver them 520 358 8430



Decorate the Arch however you like. We have some decorations you can use or bring your own. If you need a decorator let us know.

Aisle Runner

We recommend purchasing at least 33′ or better yet use decorative stakes or items to mark an aisle! Fabric isn’t ideal. 


Things you may want to bring: tape – scissors – tissues  – cake knives – etc…