Plan Your Special Event


  • Check availability under the schedule page. 
  • Deposit: To reserve your date, a 50% venue fee deposit is required.
  • Event Insurance is required most of the time. Insurance runs between $65-$125. (Get Event Insurance Here.)
  • Cancellation Policy: $100 cancellation fee applies. You can reschedule anytime to another available date but try to avoid last minute changes! You can cancel and get your deposit back (-$100) three months prior to your event. 
  • Other Events: Curious to know what events are scheduled in town on “your” date? Call the visitors center at 520 432 3539. You can also peek at their website at Pls note the calendar online is not always up to date. Best to call and ask!
  • Our Agreement: The Courtyard is responsible for providing a nice clean functional space for the day of your event. Renters are responsible for all set up, vendors and take out of what they brought in..
  • Weather: The Courtyard rental is rain or shine.


We recommend a buffet style, informal dinner for receptions. Or try a mixture of formal seating and high tables.

If you do want to do all formal seating, The Courtyard can accommodate:


  • 6 five foot round tables (seats 8 guests each) allowing for chairs and passage.
  • Also 3 high top two person tables with stools.
  • Comfortable seating capacity of up to 50 guests. Sometimes parties can squeeze in a few more seats -up to 60 people.
  • After dinner, you can always break down a couple of tables so people have room to dance and mingle.
  • Guests have also created Moroccan style seating with rugs and pillows on the ground with low tables.

Tables & Chairs

Food & Drink

Recommendations for Catering

  • Chef Payton @ High Desert Market 520 236 9826
  • Chef Elvia Villa @ Elvia’s Kitchen
    520 432 7369
  • Chef Dana House @ The Quarry
    520 221 6581
  • Or ask any of your favorite Bisbee Restaurants to cater your event!

Recommendations for Cakes and Pastries 

  • High Desert Market for Cakes
  • Pattiserie Jacqui for Pastries (both sweet and savory)
  • Good Cakes for Vegan Cakes 


Alcohol and Bartending: 
You provide your own beverages. Depending on the type and size of your event, you may be required to hire a barkeeper through us, as our staff is familiar with the venue. The Bar Keeper is $150 for the evening and $100 (or 25/hr depending) for additional staff.  

Outdoor and Indoor Sound

  • The Courtyard has indoor and outdoor speakers, just connect your device via bluetooth. 
  • Outdoor Live music must end by 9:30 pm (Sat. 10PM) due to neighborhood noise ordinance.
  • Outdoor speakers can play longer at conversation volume.
  • DJ’s allowed upon approval, no subwoofers. Must end by 9:30pm (Sat. 10pm) especially if DJ is set up outside. 


Wedding Arch!
We have an arch you can decorate for your wedding or other event. The Arch is included with the venue, no charge. We have some decorations too. If you would like to hire someone to decorate it for or with you, let us know ($100). 

Team Clean
If having a reception, there is a team of two people that will come in the next day and make everything looking spic and span again. This service is $50- $120 and is required.

Wedding Planner
We can recommend Victoria
at Bisbee Wedding & Event Co.
Call or email: 520 243 0456

Dishware Rental
Victoria Richards 520 243 0456

LaRon Barnes 520 366 5271

Daniela Dawson
John Allen

Would you like a band or artists to play your event? Just let us know and we can send you some musician recommendations. 

If you are looking for DJ recommendations, Gideon in town is great – 512 492 2449 (text or phone him) 

We can provide a PA (this is professional musical equipment… microphone, speakers etc) for $75 for the day. Please note that our house speakers that connect via bluetooth are free. The PA is additional equipment. 

Places to stay
Most Bisbee Hotels are located within a short walk of The Courtyard.

  • We have The Bungalow and The Sweet Spot right behind the venue! Super fun to stay at and be close to the event.
  • We recommend the Shady Dell vintage trailer court!
And! Last but not least, The Courtyard is pet friendly