The original two buildings that stood in its place burned down in the devastating 1908 Bisbee Fire. Over time the block was redeveloped, to later be rebuilt in 1939. The adjoining lot was turned into a garden. Today that lot is now our luscious outdoor courtyard – inspiring the our current name ‘The Courtyard.’

The nearly 100-year-old building has had many faces since, such as a department store, laundry mat, a tool rental business, a lively bar called The Red Light Bar, and lastly a pottery gallery.

The history of 18 Brewery Avenue holds a rich and diverse story.

The Courtyard's story begins in 2007.

Puspa (a fine art photographer) and Dan (a musician) purchased the building in 2007. At the time of purchase, the famous Brewery Gulch was fairly undeveloped. Puspa was operating her photo retouching business in the back of the building while Dan had his music rehearsal studio in the front.

The two would eventually move into the space full-time, hosting many spirited house parties where friends would join for music and community. Slowly, Dan would restore the building, and both Puspa and Dan would work together on curating the interior space.

The couple would occasionally get asked by acquaintances to host weddings in their home. This is what breathed life into The Courtyard becoming the magical venue space that it is today.

If you are wondering if they still live there today, the answer is no. However, Puspa and Dan collectively run the venue space & guest units and happily welcome newcomers to the beloved 18 Brewery Avenue space.

Historic Brewery Gulch | 18 Brewery Avenue | Bisbee Az 85603